Sunday, December 11, 2011


This week has been busy, and in a good way. From my company event, BF's Christmas party and the BIG B-day (I'm sticking with that I'm a young 23 and that's that) it's been a treat. Since my move (3 mos. ago) from The Bay Area, it's now finally starting to feel like "home" down here in the O.C. Love to all my family, friends (new & old), and to the B.F...he is simply Amazing!

1. Outfit worn to B.F's X-Mas party (Dolce & Louboutin)
2. Mariachi at my company's event
3. Hunky Santa and his elves at my company event
4. Miniature Birthday Cake from Gelson's
5. Custard Tart from Gelson's

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