Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunday Outing

The rain came pouring down early this morning and I for sure thought it'd last all day. Either way I was still determined to have a Sunday outing, but before I knew it the rain had cleared up and out came the sun. Yay!!
The B.F & I enjoyed breakfast at Mimi's Cafe (yes, I know, this place is more of an "elderly" type of restaurant, but they have good food) and then we went over to A'Maree's on the Coast, but was bummed to find out they were closed. Sooo sad. I could see all sorts of I need to have now goodies. Maybe it was best that we didn't get to go in now that I think about it.

*And in case you were wondering about the first pic... those are indeed braces. Better late than never!

Blazer:J Crew, Tops:Forever21/Vince, Jeans:7 For All Mankind 'The Skinny", Handbag:Alexander Wang "Rocco", Boots:DSW, Watch:Michael Kors, Sunglasses:Chanel

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